Four ways to proclaim and become good news

Good news is always worth hearing and, if it is really good news, it is difficult to keep it to yourself. So why is it that we can save the world with the power of Jesus’ love and we don’t share it? Being a Christian at work, in your social circle or in your family when some people don’t believe the same as you is tough. Often our values and choices don’t line up with those around us, which can make conversations awkward. At the same time, we’re wondering, “How in the world can I share the good news of Jesus when the world is against me?” It’s scary sometimes. Here are four ways you can proclaim and become good news to those around you, those you love, and those who need a little good news in their life.

1. Open your mouth – We weren’t all born bold, but we can ask for boldness. The Greek word for bold or boldly or boldness, means “candor in the face of opposition.” When we talk about Jesus with our friends and family is should be candid, clear, and compassionate – telling them our story and how we have experienced Him personally. Boldness isn’t being obnoxious– I’m gonna shove this down your throat whether you want to hear it or not. Boldness can be very gentle, kind and from a place of love. If we aren’t speaking from a place of love, we shouldn’t speak.
2. Open your eyes – We go through life blindly sometimes – not seeing needs right in front of us or knowing how we can help. Whether it’s a pay-it-forward coffee at Starbucks, or a dollar to the homeless man on the corner, or a prayer with a friend – God has equipped each of us with an ability to help, and ability to serve. when people see you putting other lives above your own – they see Jesus.
3. Do what you can – Matthew 25, verse 35 through 40 explains that when we give food to the hungry, or when we take care of sick people, or giving clothes to those who need it – it’s like doing it for Jesus, Himself. We aren’t called to do everything, but God wants us to do what we can for those who need it.
4. Trust God to do the rest – Trust God to change hearts. It’s not up to us. Proclaiming is quite different from persuading and has nothing to do with forcing our beliefs on others. What God wants is that we live a life of purpose, a life of joy, a life of forgiveness, a life of hope. I want have so much joy in my life that when other people see me, they can’t help but wonder what I’m doing to get there. That kind of happiness only comes from Jesus. When we live a real, authentic life in relationship with Him, people are drawn to it. God will take care of the rest.

When we have good news (and we have the best news ever) we just have to share it. We have to spread the light and joy we’ve received to others. It’s contagious. Proclaiming the good news doesn’t have to be a challenge, and it’s not about making people believe something they don’t want to. You’ll find the most happiness in life when you’re focus is locked on Jesus and bringing people to Him by living an authentic life. Be more generous than you’ve ever been before. Listen to people a lot. Be kinder than you want to be. And, people will see Jesus through you. Trust God to do the rest.