Once Upon a Time True Love

Once upon a time, love was glass slippers, ball gowns, and fairy tales. As adults, princesses and princes are replaced with romance novels and racy movies that remind us that love is based on high chemistry and strong mutual attraction. It’s not that fairy tales are bad. It’s just they aren’t real life.

Real life, true love isn’t a fairy tale. It usually doesn’t make headline news. It’s not a Hallmark card or a blockbuster movie. True love doesn’t stand tall like a prince wielding a sword or a princess atop the staircase gilded in a decadent ball gown. True love bows. True love stoops low.

True love bows to change diapers, to pick up trash, to shovel snow, or to hold your hair while you puke

True love stoops to tie shoe laces, bends to feed the homeless, or to hug the necks of the hurting

True love crouches to wipe tears away from an orphaned toddler, hovers over the hurting, and kneels quietly in prayer

God’s love is like that, not only did He send His Son to die for us as the ultimate sacrifice and embodiment of true love, He loves us despite the things we do. God is not surprised or turned off by any circumstance or action.

He meets us at the bottom of our mess. He’s not just there on Sunday at church, but His love is there in the trenches of Tuesday, and Friday, and everywhere in between. There’s absolutely nothing we can do to keep Him from loving us.

When we’re ready to reach for another drink to drown our problems, when we want to turn off the porn but we can’t, when we can’t stop shooting up, when we want to stop cheating on schoolwork, when we want to stop hiding behind that lie, His love is there. It can’t be earned or altered. It’s not something we’ve asked for. It’s simply a gift – a lofty, precious, and awesome gift.

The truest and highest Love of all stooped the lowest — so we might know how truly awesome His love is.

The truth is that the heights of love can only be discovered in the depths of surrender.


Real love is more than a feeling. Love is shown by what we’re willing to seek out and sacrifice for. How does that definition change the way you use the word love?

What do you think God means when He talks about Love? We might hear that God loves us and think back to our past. We look back at who we were or what we did and think there’s no way God could love me. We might also look at our present circumstances—not at what we did, but what we’re doing or going through—and doubt God’s love. In either case, we are chained by doubt. But if we could understand how much God truly loves us, it would set us free in a way we can’t imagine.


“This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” 1 John 4:10 (NLT)

“Do as God would do. Much-loved children want to do as their fathers do. Live with love as Christ loved you. He gave Himself for us, a gift on the altar to God which was as a sweet smell to God.” Ephesians 5:1-2 (NLV)