Broken Heart

I was doing research thinking about what this article post should look like and sound like. I typed “healing a broken heart” into the Google search bar. The search yielded 61 million results that ranged from Dr. Phil’s 10 steps to Buddhism’s 3 steps for relational healing. It made me realize that every adult, every teenager in this world has suffered from a broken heart, and most people are desperately searching for help.

Perhaps your heart is bruised from harsh words said by someone you loved. May be your heart is cracked with depression or anxiety. May be your heart was torn to shreds by a parent or someone you trusted. Perhaps a piece of your heart was stolen by a thief who abused you and hurt you physically, sexually, emotionally. May be the wounds inflicted upon your heart leak the pain of addiction. Despite all of the knowledge we can find on Google, despite all of the self-help books and 12 step programs – there is only one Heart Surgeon that can heal you completely.

Luke Chapter 4 verse 18 in the Bible tells of a time when Jesus declared His personal mission statement:

· I’ve come to give good news to those who are poor in spirit, those who hurt
· I’ve come to heal those with a sad heart
· I’ve come to open the eyes of those who can’t see
· I’ve come to set people free from trouble, from hurt, from pain

He didn’t come as a warrior like everyone expected. He didn’t stand in the synagogue (church) and give the people more religious rules to follow. He came as a Healer, a Heart Surgeon. He came so that our hearts could be whole… through Him. He came to this earth to set us free, to heal the broken places in our hearts. The power of what He did on the cross is not found in what you do, but what He has already done.

The kind of healing we need isn’t found in a 12 step program or some 3-step solution we find in our Google searches. Jesus’ mission statement tells us that He loves us – even with our past… even with our baggage and our bruised and broken hearts.  When we understand the kind of love that Jesus is offering, there is healing that soaks into all the cracks, the wounded places, the torn areas of our heart – and we are made new.  It’s transformative – as if we’re given this amazing heart transplant – and no one can take that away. A hurtful touch doesn’t define who you are anymore. Those painful words of your past can no longer penetrate the kind of heart that’s focused on Jesus. Addiction can no longer control your life when your heart is set free in Him. Because your heart is new, you have a new legacy:

· You are beautiful, not because of what you have to give, but because of whose you are.
· You have value, not because of what someone wants from you, but because of what has always been inside of you.
· You have a new, healed heart and purpose. Your purpose is so much greater than you can even imagine because God’s dreams   for you are so much bigger than your own.


Is the pain in your heart more than you can bear? Have you ever thought that you heart too damaged or you were too broken to be saved? Jesus never saw a single heart as too shattered or a person too defeated that He couldn’t save.

You don’t have to do a 12 step program. You don’t need to fix yourself, or earn God’s love or run any more. We just have to accept Jesus’ unconditional love. The more we stop trying to do it on our own, the more we can rely on Him to heal us. What will you NOT do today?


The Spirit of the Lord is on Me. He has put His hand on Me to preach the Good News to poor people. He has sent Me to heal those with a sad heart. He has sent Me to tell those who are being held that they can go free. He has sent Me to make the blind to see and to free those who are held because of trouble. Luke 4:18 NLV

He heals the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 NIV

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 NIV