3 Habits of High Excellence People

Whether you’re in a book store, online, or even in iTunes – if you search for the topic “self-help” you will be bombarded with books, articles, and podcasts on the topic. An estimated 2,000 self-help books are published annually, fueling a $10 billion industry that swells in size around January every single year, as resolutions are made and broken. The genre feeds on Americans’ drive toward perfection. Glossy covers tempt us with shiny logos and clever titles seem to conceal hidden knowledge about how to do stuff better, how to be bolder, more creative, a better parent, an amazing spouse, how to diet, exercise, be a better leader – basically how to live our lives in a constant state of excellence.

Christians have dove head first into the depths of self-help. A quick Google search on “Christian Self Help books” produces 22 million results. The prospect of all this knowledge is exhausting. And, it’s no wonder that Christians glom onto the self-help industry. The very nature of being a Christian calls us to a state of excellence. We want to be like Jesus, and everything we do represents who He is. God doesn’t ask us for perfection, but He does ask that we bring our best… always. What does the Bible say about “doing everything with excellence”? What are some habits of high-excellence people?

1. They aren’t fakers – “Who I am when no one is looking is who I really am.” Excellence is not a switch that can be turned on or off. An individual who wants to excel in everything they do, no matter how small the task may seem, has a desire that supersedes any requirement of being noticed or appreciated. There is an understanding that even if no one else knows, two people will know: they will and God will. And God’s approval is much more valuable to them than what people say. What God sees you do in secret, He rewards openly.

2. They shrug at comparisons – Excellence does not compare itself to others. Many a contented life has been stolen by the unhealthy habit of comparing ourselves to others. Comparison keeps us from living fully alive. It calls us to envy someone else’s life and seek theirs rather than ours, and it robs us of gratitude, joy, and fulfillment. Don’t look outward to measure your excellence; instead look inward. Compare where you are today to where you’ve been, and look how far you’ve come! (Galatians 6:4).

3They don’t give up – Repeat the right things and eventually receive the reward. “Excellence isn’t based on what you have; it’s based on what you do with what you have!” Excellence is always on, always growing, and always learning. We aren’t born excellent. Excellence is developed over time and in the details. If you do the little things diligently every day to improve, excellence becomes attainable. Plan to be excellent, and then take every step necessary to fulfill that plan. A person who strives for excellence doesn’t give up when they make mistakes, and they don’t avoid tasks for fear of failure. Instead, they step out in faith, embracing challenges, and knowing God’s got their back!

The true goal of excellence is to do the best you can with what you have at every moment. Excellence people exceed expectations. You can run into mediocrity accidentally, but you have to be purposeful to be excellent! Wherever you are this week, be all there. Make it your ambition to live out your gifts and talents to the fullest. God’s got great plans for you. Go after them with excellence!