5 Reasons to get to church this weekend

No platitudes, old English, or cryptic messages – just real, straight talk and practical answers. That’s what’s happening at Community Church this weekend. Instead of skirting the issues of today, it’s time the Church stood up and led the way in our culture, answering questions with real, practical help for our lives. Can the Bible be trusted? Do I need to get baptized to go to Heaven? How can I really “hear” God? Is hell an actual place? Community Church is a place you can come for help, and that means offering answers to questions that matter in day-to-day life.

So, back in January, Pastor Michael asked us what questions we wanted answered. What answers do we really want to dive into on the weekend in church. After the questions were collected, we sorted them – thousands of them – into categories, and picked out the most mentioned themes that ran throughout. They are tough questions, practical questions, controversial questions, and this Sunday – we begin what could be the most intense series we’ve ever launched at Community Church. We’ll take a look at some of the most controversial and relevant issues that we deal with in life – five of which we’ll tackle, head-on this weekend. Here are the five reasons you have GOT to make it to church this weekend:

1. Racial Reconciliation – It’s hard to turn on the news today and not hear about it. From Ferguson to Baltimore and right here in Hampton Roads we hear that race had a role to play some a violent story. Why do racial tensions exist still? What does the Bible say about it? What does science say about it? Do they agree?

2. Politics – We hear a lot about morality playing a big role in politics. Is there a “Christian” conservative party? Can I be liberal and still be a Christian? We’ll find out what party we should be if we call ourselves Christian.

3. Drinking – This line is still a grey area, right? Some people say the water Jesus turned into wine was non-alcoholic, others get drunk every weekend and still retain their Christian title. What’s right? What does the Bible say?

4. Abortion – Right to life or women have a right to protect their own bodies? What does God have to say on the matter? Is the answer really black and white?

5. Tattoos – Not just for miscreants and movie villians any more… what did the Bible have to say on the subject?

Pastor Michael is talking about ALL FIVE of these topics THIS WEEKEND! Pray for him, then go invite as many people as you can. Your unchurched friends ARE interested in these things and WILL come to church if you reach out and ask. Some people are just waiting for you to ask them. You could even offer to bring them with you! Even if everyone doesn’t agree with what Pastor Michael has to say… it will make for some pretty awesome “post-church-​meal” conversations! See you this weekend.