Five Lessons from the Palm Sunday Road Trip

We often celebrate Palm Sunday with palm branches and celebration, but rarely do we focus on the road trip that started it all and kicked off Passion week. There Jesus and His disciples stand at the edge of the city, and Jesus says to two unnamed disciples, ‘Go steal me a donkey’. They must’ve been confused at what He asked them to do. Why a donkey? Why do we need to steal it? Why is Jesus sending us on this meaningless mission? But, what they didn’t know was that their task was critical to the Palm Sunday event.

The disciples went into the city, and there the donkey sat – outside of someone’s house, tied up to a post. Donkeys were known mean and stubborn, especially one that had never been ridden, and this one hadn’t been. This donkey must’ve been wild and obstinate… except for that donkey was born for the purpose that Jesus already laid out for it. Not only did the disciples untie the donkey, but the Bible tells us that even though people asked about why they were taking it, when the disciples answered, “The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly” – the people let them take it. Imagine if someone came to your house, and tried to steal your car – would you let them take it with that answer?

God had a plan for this wild, stubborn donkey; and, He lined up every, single thing necessary to make sure that donkey fulfilled God’s purpose for His life.  A seemingly, meaningless task for a useless and stubborn animal results in some pretty remarkable lessons for our life: The Five Lessons of the Palm Sunday Road Trip:

1. No matter my circumstances, like the donkey, I was created for a purpose
2.  Whatever is tying me down (guilt, anxiety, worry, addictions, pain, loss), I have to take a step to untie it before God can use me to my full purpose
3. Even though I might be wild, crazy, and stubborn sometimes  – God can use me in amazing ways
4. Whatever touches the love of God is changed immediately for the better
5. When I untie things that hold me back from God’s destiny for my life, I can be free to live a full and satisfying life

Palm Sunday can be a day when we ask ourselves, “What is it that I need to untie in my life, so that God can release something amazing?”  When we take steps of faith like the disciples did – untie and let go – there’s nothing that can stop the love of God. He wants us to live an awesome life, but there are sometimes things we have to “DO” to make that happen.


Read Mark 11:1-6 and put yourself in the place of the disciples. What must’ve they been feeling after a climb up to Jerusalem, which sits 3,800 feet above sea level?  How do you think they felt about their task to untie a stubborn mule? It’s not always easy to be obedient, but God always has a purpose.

What are some things you can untie this week, so God can release His blessings over your life?