Twas the day Before Easter Weekend

Twas the day before Easter Weekend, when all through the office at Community Church,
Everyone was buzzing with excitement and anticipation, just like it was the first.
The banners were hung all over with care,
In hopes that Pastor Michael’s message, he’d soon share.

Community Kids and Teens are going about their day unaware,
That superheroes would soon be there.
Pastor Michael is studying with expectation in his heart,
An eagerness to tell us all how to really “take a walk”.

When out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter,
We all sprang up to see what’s the matter,
Away to the parking lots we went in a flash,
To see Pastor Jason getting the grounds ready in a dash.

The potholes are filled and flowers are planted,
A plan to manage parking well, we can’t take for granted.
Weekend Serve Teams are ready to serve,
To make sure that everyone gets the experience they deserve.

Pastor Tony, Josh and the worship teams have put in so many hours,
To make sure that the music is amazing and people feel empowered.
Easter weekend promises an interactive worship set,
Where people can participate – It’s going to be awesome, I’ll bet!

But more than pre-service giveaways and new Brave shirts for sale,
Easter is more than that, it’s where hope will always avail.
If fear is something you’ve ever held in your heart,
You need to get to Community Church this weekend for a fresh start.

God doesn’t chase you with judgment or fear,
But His goodness, love, His grace are always near.
It’s not just random – His gifts and blessings, it’s His only Son – He gave.
It’s time to invite your friends and family this weekend to learn how to be brave,