10 Ways to Pray for Teachers

This past weekend we prayed for over 800 students at Community Church campuses. Our prayer is for them to be world changers, to be a light in their school this year, that people would want to know more about their life and about Jesus because of who they are. We prayed that this would be the best school year ever.

As we pack up back packs, label supplies, and organize school lunches – let’s not forget to pray for teachers. Teachers, who shape little minds and make an imprint on little hearts, deserve an overflow of our love and prayers as they learn new names and faces, understand huge personalities in pint-sized packages, and build lesson plans that lay the foundation for future artists, doctors, lawyers, pastors, communicators, and worship leaders.

Pastor Michael shared how investing in the next generation is making history. Teachers live that out on a daily basis. Here are ten ways we can pray for teachers this new school year:

1. New Beginnings – After the rigorous “get their own kids out of bed” thing, the “orange-juice-carton” may get thrown sort of situation, teachers go on with a smile to make our kids’ days amazing. Let’s pray that each day starts off as a new beginning, that harmony prevails, and their day begins and ends with peace.

2. Imagination – We can look back on our childhoods with sentiment, knowing that certain teachers left an indelible print on our hearts. Let’s pray that imagination, “out-of-the-box” thinking rules the day, and teachers find awesome and unique ways to stimulate our kids’ thinking!

3. Support – It makes such a difference when we feel that we’re supported! Let’s pray that our teachers feel supported by their administrations. That every school administrations have our teacher’s backs when looking out for the best interest of our kids.

4. Importance – Teachers have a lot of things thrown at them each day that can leave them frustrated. Pray that they will not lose sight of how important they are to the future of each and every child sitting in a desk in their classroom.

5. Motivation – Let’s pray for our teachers that they see the result of the seeds they are planting in the classroom! That each student is motivated and excited to learn.

6. Protection – Pray for protection of our teachers. That no matter what gets thrown at them that they are safe and in turn be able to protect those they are teaching.

7. Connection – Most of us have had the experience of seeing blank faces staring back at you while you explain something. Be in prayer that our teachers will be able to relate to and open the eyes of their students.

8. Cooperation – It is impossible for teachers to cover everything that needs to be covered during the normal school hours. Pray that God will light a fire under the parents of those in school and motivate them to do their part to enhance the education they are receiving during the day.

9. Happiness – When teachers have an inherent joy for life and a vibrant hope for the future, those qualities rub off on their students. Pray they will have a feeling of peace during the hard days.

10. Relationship with Jesus – The most important of all, let’s pray that our teachers understand and know the love and hope that is Jesus, that they experience and spread that love and hope throughout their classrooms, and that God is honored through their lives, that in this they always know, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.