Men – 4 Ways to Pursue your Wife

November 4th 2015

We’re men, and we’re competitive… that’s why we like the chase.  We enjoy the pursuit. The problem is, when we catch the thing we’re pursuing, we stop.  That’s what a wedding is, right? The finish line. The finale. The “catch” at the end of the pursuit. Here’s the thing though…

Women – 4 Ways to Pursue your Husband

November 3rd 2015

Ladies, how many of us look back on dating and engagement days with sentiment (all at once with the collective “Awwwwwwwww”). We remember how much we were in love. Pursuing one another the right way was easy. There were spontaneous calls…

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

October 6th 2015

The demand for immediate results has seeped into every corner of our lives. Retailers offer same-day delivery services. Smartphone apps eliminate the wait for a cab, a date, or a table at a restaurant. Movies and TV shows begin streaming in seconds, and the internet….

For Love and Money

September 29th 2015

Most of us think that if we have more money, that life would just be better all around. There could be some truth to that in some circumstances, but consider this: The majority of people who win the lottery are in more debt after they win than they ever had before…

Don’t FOMO While you YOLO

September 22nd 2015

The grass is greener on the other side is something we’ve heard for ages, but we’ve never been exposed to as much of other people’s grass as we are now. Their lush, flourishing lawns parade across our computer screens, over our tablets, and through our mobile phones…

10 Ways to Pray for Teachers

August 26th 2015

This past weekend we prayed for over 800 students at Community Church campuses. Our prayer is for them to be world changers, to be a light in their school this year, that people would want to know more about their life and about Jesus …

5 Reasons to get to church this weekend

May 15th 2015

No platitudes, old English, or cryptic messages – just real, straight talk and practical answers. That’s what’s happening at Community Church this weekend. Instead of skirting the issues of today, it’s time the Church stood up and led the way …

Three ways teach your kids to be brave

May 10th 2015

Our lives as moms are not spit-polished and shined. Our family’s days don’t always fit nicely into our planners, and the pictures perched nicely on our mantle are likely mere moments, skillfully captured by an amazing professional photographer …

Moms – 4 Reasons to Date Your Sons

May 5th 2015

We see so many articles out there about dads dating their daughters, and that’s awesome! More and more fathers are becoming aware of their influence and regularly dating their daughters. But, the articles and awareness made me look at my son…

Dare to Love… Even when it hurts

April 28th 2015

An American city is under siege, violence reigns, people can’t return to their homes, kids and teens have no place to go. 15 structure fires, 144 car fires, 200 arrests, 19 officers injured, 1 young man dead. Powerful images.

I Decided to go All-in for Jesus, Now What?!

April 8th 2015

May be you were dragged to church by your spouse. May be your parents had you feeling guilty. May be you felt obligated to go on Easter. But, you went – and you heard something that was meant for just you to hear. Something changed in your heart...

Twas the day Before Easter Weekend

April 3rd 2015

Twas the day before Easter Weekend, when all through the office at Community Church, Everyone was buzzing with excitement and anticipation, just like it was the first. The banners were hung all over with care.

5 Lessons from the Palm Sunday Road Trip

March 29th 2015

We often celebrate Palm Sunday with palm branches and celebration, but rarely do we focus on the theft that started it all and kicked off Passion week. There Jesus and His disciples stand at the edge of the city….

5 Tricks for Memorizing Scripture

March 27th 2015

There’s power in becoming so familiar with a word, phrase, or verse that it comes to mind instantly when something happens. When you’ve truly internalized something, it can stay with you your whole life.  If you can recite the lyrics to Purple Rain…


February 19th 2015

We look out our windows today in Hampton Roads and the ground is covered with snow. It’s a messy season complete with treacherous road conditions, chilled winds, and footprints litter our once pristine, snow covered lawns…