The Village is a Community Church foster care initiative focused on changing lives that impact the world by building healthy communities around children in foster care and their families.

There are approximately 1,000 kids in foster care in Hampton Roads; every one of us can do something to make sure that children and families know what it means to experience the love and hope of Jesus by investing in life changing relationships and building healthy, sustaining care communities.

Care Communities:

  • Provide every foster child and foster family a sense of extended family support
  • Create positive influence in the lives of children during their time in foster care

Care Community Roles

Supporting Mentor

A supporting mentor is like a close family friend of the foster family. They are paired with 1-2 children at a time in a care community. This is the ideal first step to support a foster family before making a deeper commitment.

  • Mentors and encourages a child/children in foster care through safe and affirming quality time
  • Models healthy community by providing childcare, transportation, meals, and/or other forms of support to the foster family 2-3 times per month

Next Steps to Become an Supporting Mentor: 

Respite Family

The respite family is like an aunt/uncle or grandparent figure that can provide support and overnight care. They are paired with one foster family in a care community.

  • Supports the foster family by leading the care community
  • Provides day/evening care 1-2 times per month
  • Provides overnight care one weekend per month

Next Steps to Become a Respite Family: 

  • Attend approximately 16-30 hours of training through a foster agency (training hours vary by agency)

Foster Family

The foster family provides a stable, positive home environment for infants, children, and teens while the birth family works on making the changes needed for their children to return home.

  • Incorporates foster child into their family routine while respecting the individuality and unique needs of each foster child
  • Assumes foster parent responsibilities in accordance with licensing agency and state laws

Next Steps to Become a Foster Family: 

  • Choose a local agency
  • Attend approximately 16-30 hours of training through a foster agency (training hours vary by agency)