Serve the City is an annual opportunity for our church to work in partnership with the City of Chesapeake to do projects to directly impact lives in our communities and neighborhoods. We have been partnering with the City in the neighborhood of Holly Cove for 9 years, and  we’re so excited to be there again. There is something for everyone to do like construction projects, landscaping, playing with kids, and spending time with neighborhood families. Activities will be scheduled for neighborhood kids every day throughout the week!  We’re so excited to share the love and hope of Jesus in the Holly Cove community in a real and tangible way. Let’s get out there and change lives!

Serve the City Kick-Off

Serve the City Kick-Off is happening Monday, June 20th at 9:00am! We’ll have a tent set up right outside the neighborhood, so meet us there!

Community Cookout

Saturday, June 25th, we will work until noon and then have a cookout celebrating the community, the projects completed, and the relationships built throughout the week. Let’s get out there an change lives!

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