Thank you for applying for a serve team. We encourage you to be completely honest on your Background Check form. Answering yes to any question on this form does not necessarily preclude you from serving. Once you have completed the form, sign, and submit, a criminal background check may be conducted dependent on the team for which you are applying.  If you have any questions about this form or any of the serve team application forms, please contact us by calling the office at 757.405.600 or by using this contact form

General Information
Campus Western BranchKempsvilleSuffolk
Lifestyle Information:
Have you ever been convicted of any form of spousal abuse? YesNo
Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted sexual molestation of a minor? YesNo
Do you currently use illegal drugs? YesNo
Have you been involved in homosexual activity within the last five years? YesNo
Do you presently have any communicable diseases? YesNo
Do you currently view pornography? YesNo
Are you living with someone of the opposite sex other than a spouse or family member? YesNo
Do you currently use tobacco? YesNo
Do you currently consume alcohol? YesNo
Volunteer Liability Release and Waiver:
In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by the church, I agree and represent that:
  • The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I authorize any references or any other person or organization, to give you any information (including opinions) regarding my character and fitness for volunteer service.
  • I hereby release any individuals, Community Church or any other organization from any and all liability for damages which could result from compliance with this authorization.
  • I further understand that a criminal records check may be conducted, and I consent to any such check.
  • I further state that I have carefully read the forgoing release and sign it on my own free will.
Signature: By typing my name and the date, I am certifying that the information contained on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature Date