Whether you’re holding a door, helping someone check-in, or finding seats for people in the auditorium, you’re making a difference!¬†We’ve heard countless stories from people who say they came back to Community Church because of a kind person on our Guest Experience Team that helped them in some way.

Guest Experience includes serve team members that help with: Cafe, Weekend Housekeeping, Facilities, Guest Reception, Safety Team, Parking Team, Medical Response, Welcome, Next Steps, and more.

Creating an awesome experience for people is what we do! It’s vitally important to sharing Jesus’ message of love and hope with the world! First impressions matter so much! Are you ready to be a part of something bigger? Sign up today and we’ll get you connected right away!

Ready to sign up? We’ll make it super easy!

Email us or call 757.405.6000 and let us know you’re interested in Guest Experience and we’ll get you connected!