There are many opportunities to serve at Community Church. We want you to find the one that suits your passion, personality, and availability. If serving is your next step, it’s time to jump in and join a serve team! We have some amazing opportunities to serve at Community Church! We have four main Weekend Serve Teams. They are: Guest Experience, Next Generation, Production, and Care.

The Guest Experience Team creates an awesome environment for people to hear Jesus’ message of hope and love. First impressions matter so much!  Guest Experience includes serve team members that help with: Cafe, Weekend Housekeeping, Facilities, Guest Reception, Safety Team, Parking Team, Medical Response, Welcome, Next Steps, and more.

The Next Generation Team provides an amazing environment place for students to connect with God, with other kids and teens, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing them grow closer to Jesus. The Next Generation Team includes serve team members that help with: Little Kids, Big Kids, and Community Teens.

Our Production Team makes everything work so thousands of people in Hampton Roads and across the world through live stream can hear Jesus’ message of hope and love! The Production Team includes serve team members that help with: Audio, Visual, and Lighting (AVL), working cameras, managing sound, directing, Information Technology (IT), Worship team, and more.

Our Care Team helps meet people’s needs for spiritual growth and prayer.  We don’t just care about Sunday. We care about Tuesdayafternoon or Thursday evening and everything in between, when people are wrestling with the awkward, messy, painful stuff in the trenches of life. The Care Team is the heart of that and includes serve team members that help out on the: pastoral care and prayer team.

Application Forms

There are three different forms that follow: a General Serve Team Application, a Background Check Form, and a Safety Team Addendum.  Everyone applying for a Weekend Serve Team should fill out the first form and submit. Once you fill out a general application form, someone will be in contact with you to let you know what other forms are necessary. If you have any questions in the meantime, please call the office 757.405.6000 or by using this contact form.