God has called Community Church to reach 25,000 people by 2025 with the love and hope of Jesus.  This happens one person at a time all centered around our vision of changing lives that impact the world. When we experience the love of God it reminds us of this undeniable truth: when Jesus is at the center of our life, the best is yet to come!

Vision is awesome and our vision is big, but intentionality is the key. We are intentional as a church, and we have to be intentional as individuals. We celebrate all God did in 2015, but we’re laser focused on what He will do in 2016.  Intentionality makes a dream turn into a plan which turns then into a reality. Every one of us can do something about: empty seats, empty stomachs, empty hands, and empty hearts. We have to own that as a church and individually. It should bother us. We are called to do something about it.

For 2016 in particular, we have four core convictions:

  • An empty seat its a problem – Every person on the planet needs hope. An empty seat means that someone isn’t getting it. They aren’t hearing the love and hope of Jesus. An empty seat represents a person, a life change, a family change. We want to fill every seat at every campus. We’re going to do something about that.
  • An empty stomach is a problem – No person should have an empty stomach. We’re about bringing the message of Jesus to the world, but if someone is hungry, we feed them, then we share the source of the supernatural love that helps us do that. There should be no hungry people in Hampton Roads or within radius of any Community campus. We are going to fill empty stomachs.
  • Empty hands are a problem – The Bible tells us a lot about idle hands. We know that when someone gets connected serving on the weekend at Community or in their local communities, people start living fully alive. It is what God intended for us to do. We are not just a nice non-profit. We are the local church. We are the hope of the world.
  • An empty heart is a problem – We are not okay with people having an empty heart. We want every person filled with the love and hope of Jesus. We’re going to do everything we can short of sin to make sure every heart is full! Our life is to fill and be filled!

Every person is called to be a part of this call to action. Every person wants their life to count for something more. We’re calling Community individuals to pray, commit, and give. One practical and purposeful way you can be a part of changing lives that impact the world is by giving to the Kingdom Builders fund. It takes money to build campuses, top fill seats, to expand auditoriums, to fill stomachs, and to fill hearts. We can all help. Kingdom Builders is a fund that is above and beyond your tithe, giving particularly to help fulfill a need – to fill seats, stomachs, hands, and hearts. We can live our life from a generosity mindset instead of scarcity mindset. Pray about it. Commit to give an amount every week above your tithe and do it. Our life is to fill and be filled in this beautiful circle of dealing hope. We are the hope dealers.

How can I help?

There are three ways you can give to the Kingdom Builders – a practical and purposeful way you can be a part of
changing lives that impact the world: