Weekly Teen Experience

Dates: Every Sunday

Location: all campuses|| doors open at 6:00pm

The next generation is the NOW generation! Our weekly teen experience is a chance for students 6th through 12th grade to come together, hear a great message, play games, and hang out. Don’t miss our weekly teen experiences; they’re going to be amazing!

Upcoming Series – Seesaw

Dates: May 20th – June 11th

Location: All Campus

​Relationships,​ we all love them and we can all struggle with them. They’​re great one minute and not so much the next.How do we navigate​ being single today, married, social media friendships; ​how do we make the seesaw feeling of up one minute and down the next change into a steady, life- giving flow of relationships that leave us better and not bitter.​

Discover Life

Dates: May 28th

Location: western branch (10:30am) | suffolk (12:30pm) |kempsville (12:15pm)

This class will guide you through what it looks like to be an all in follower of Jesus. Included in the class are what it means to be lead by the Spirit, living for Jesus at home, at work and everywhere in between. Discover Life happens the fourth Sunday of every month.


Dates: May 21st – August 12th

Location: all campuses

Connect relationally; grow spiritually by doing life in community!  Group is not about a meeting, but instead people coming together to build relationships with each other and Jesus while they do this thing called life. No matter where you find yourself in life, there is a group that is right for you. From married, mix of all ages, empty nesters, young couples, marrieds, college-aged, teens, men’s groups, women’s groups, there is something for everyone. You don’t have to do life alone, connect today.

Global Impact: Brazil

Dates: May 27th – June 8th

Location: Brazil

In Brazil, our Global Impact Teams work side-by-side with missionaries Jason and Kristyna Schuring to share the hope and love of Jesus with unreached people groups. We meet practical, day-to-day needs by sending teams to help with construction projects and medical professionals to equip missionaries to better serve the indigenous people, as well as providing medical supplies for the infirmary.

Child Dedication

Dates: June 3rd & 4th

Location: All Campuses

Dedicating your child allows you to express your public commitment to be intentional with the limited time we have influencing our kids’ lives by sharing love and hope of Jesus. Child dedication is a special milestone for your family, and we’re so excited to share this experience with you.

Discover Community

Dates: June 4th

Location: western branch (10:30am) | kempsville (12:15pm) | suffolk (12:30pm)

Are you ready to “Discover” more about Community Church? Here’s your chance! Come hear about our plan to reach 25,000 people by 2025, learn about our beliefs, values, and how to become an owner! We can’t wait to see you at the next Discover Community! Child care is provided, so register today!

First Wednesday

Dates: June 7th || 7:00pm

Location: western branch

The first Wednesday of every month, we meet together for a time of worship, prayer, and communion. First Wednesday is a dynamic experience that leaves you feeling renewed and energized, ready to take on the upcoming month for Jesus. If you’ve never experienced a First Wednesday – the time is now!

Discover God

Dates: June 11th

Location: western branch (10:30am) | suffolk (12:30pm) | kempsville (12:15pm)

This class will guide you through who God truly is what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus today. Discover God takes place the second Sunday of every month.

Discover Yourself

Dates: June 18th

Location: western branch (10:30am) | suffolk (12:30pm) | kempsville (12:15pm)

This class will help you discover how God uniquely created you. Through understanding your passions, personality and spiritual gifts, you will be prepared to serve others in the way God designed. Discover Yourself takes place the third Sunday of every month.

Serve the City

Dates: June 22nd – 24th

Location: Holly Cove

Serve the City is an annual opportunity for our church to work in partnership with the City of Chesapeake to do projects to directly impact lives in our communities and neighborhoods. We have been partnering with Chesapeake in the neighborhood of Holly Cove for nine years, and  we’re so excited to be there again. There is something for everyone to do like landscaping, playing with kids, and spending time with neighborhood families.

Discover Life

Dates: June 25th

Location: western branch (10:30am) | suffolk (12:30pm) |kempsville (12:15pm)

This class will guide you through what it looks like to be an all in follower of Jesus. Included in the class are what it means to be lead by the Spirit, living for Jesus at home, at work and everywhere in between. Discover Life happens the fourth Sunday of every month.

Month of Love

Dates: Month of July

Location: all campuses

The month of July is a call to be intentional. Intentionality makes a dream turn into a plan which turns then, into a reality. Every one of us can do something about: empty stomachs, empty hands, and empty hearts in Hampton Roads.

Freedom Fest

Dates: July 4th

Location: western branch

It’s going to be amazing! Most families have lots of stuff to do in the evening, but our community party starts in the morning! We’re going to have all-you-can-eat pancakes, cornhole, outdoor games, bounce houses, and a Family Color Fun Run! All proceeds from the event benefit Roc Solid Foundation.

Water Baptism

Dates: July 8th & 9th

Location: All Campuses

Every baptism weekend at Community is a party! We celebrate because it means someone has gone all-in for Jesus and wants to tell the world. Being baptized and celebrating with your family and friends is a memory you’ll never forget! It means that you want to experience the amazing life God has for you, declare Jesus as your Savior, and start living fully alive! Are you ready to go All-in?

Global Impact: Philippines

Dates: July 20th – 31st

Location: Philippines

Our Philippines Global Impact Teams work side-by-side with the Community Church – Manila Campus as we reach 25k by 2025! We’ve been working in the Philippines for the past several years, specifically at the Payatas Dump.  We partner with My Children’s House of Hope at the Payatas Dump site to provide resources where at-risk, abandoned, and confused children can come and find love and hope.  We’ve helped to build a campus there and provide education resources for deaf children and for their families.

Global Impact: El Salvador

Dates: July 22nd – 29th

Location: El Salvador

In El Salvador, Community Church partners with local churches, Orphan Helpers, and Compassion International.  The children and youth we help have been denied by their own families, passed over by private orphanages, and rejected by society as a whole. We send global impact teams throughout the year to visit the prisons, the orphan centers, and communities in San Salvador and Santa Ana.  We also work to build churches to provide more places that can share the love and hope of Jesus.

Israel Trip

Dates: November 1st – 10th

Location: Israel

In November, join with Pastor Michael and others on a life changing trip to Israel! The trip will take place November 1st-10th; we will be traveling in partnership with Faith Based Expeditions. Details of the trip can be found here in the land portion link above. For the cost of the land portion of the trip, make payments to Faith Based via the website.  Airfare will be purchased closer to the date of travel (cost $1300-$1700 per person).