Series began the weekend of June 24th– 25th 

The basic structure of all life begins with the simplest and purest of forms…the elements. When we look at the whole of the life, we sometimes forget that the whole is created by the collaboration of the elements working together in alignment. When you become a follower of Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit creates in you all the right elements to help you live fully alive. They are called the fruit of the spirit. This summer we’re going to learn about these fruits, and how they can completely change us so that we would begin to live fully alive. It’s time for peace, it’s time for love, and it’s time for kindness to take control in our life.


Promo Kit

The promo kit is a great way to share the series with your friends.  Put the computer wallpaper on your work computer, and watch your colleagues ask questions. Use the Facebook cover on your wall, share the Instagram photo, or use it as your lock screen on your phone. There are even some sample tweets for you to use! What an easy and great way to share Jesus’ message of hope and love with your friends!