The Doors series kicked off with a bang the weekend of September 12th and 13th. There were over 3,000 in attendance at Community Church campuses and people watching live online across the US! The series continued through the weekend October 10th and 11th. Watch every weekend to get the most out of the series! The messages built one onto another and concluded with 7 Questions you should ask yourself to make sure you’re making the right decision! The next series is He Said, She Said

Doors… We all use them. They hide things from others and from ourselves. Every decision we make in life is so much a like a door; I open it or close it; I go through or I stay out. In this new series, we learn no matter who you are or where you’re from, each day is alive with opportunity.


Promo Kit

The promo kit is a great way to share the series with your friends.  Put the computer wallpaper on your work computer, and watch your colleagues ask questions. Use the Facebook cover on your wall, share the Instagram photo, or use it as your lock screen on your phone. There are even some sample tweets for you to use! What an easy and great way to share Jesus’ message of hope and love with your friends!

Downloads: Social media

Square format great for profile pictures on Facebook

Square format awesome for Instagram

Perfect for Facebook cover photos

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Makes amazing computer wallpaper

Perfect for your iPhone 6

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