Hampton Roads is our city. A metropolitan collection of cities comprised of amazing people, flourishing and diverse – this is our home. Our impact matters here. Your impact matters here. We believe that when people experience the love and grace of God they are changed forever. We believe that we help make this a reality for others by living for Jesus every day.

Community Church donated over a hundred thousand dollars to local communities in 2015 in the way of service projects and donations. Through these donations we impacted Hampton Roads in a major way. Jesus is changing the 757 and we’re on our way to reaching

25,000 people in 2025. Every number has a name and every name matters to God. Some of the ways that we impacted Hampton Roads in 2015 were:

Month of Love

The month of March was a specific call to be intentional. Intentionality makes a dream turn into a plan which turns then, into a reality. Every one of us can do something about: empty stomachs, empty hands, and empty hearts in Hampton Roads. We’re so proud of what our church did in the community; let’s carry that intentionality throughout the year. Together, we are changing lives that impact the world.

Local Partners

Through local impact we build relationships with local partners helping them financially and by serving side-by-side with them throughout the year to make a difference in our local communities. If you want to get involved by serving or giving, email us at localimpact@community.church. Here’s a list of the partners we currently support:

Act 2 Network

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Roc Solid

Southwestern Elementary


HER Shelter

Mercy Drops

South Norfolk Congregational Church Soup Kitchen

Senior Services of Southeastern VA

Bair Foundation

FoodBank of Southeastern VA

The UP Center

Lutheran Family Services

Association of Related Churches (ARC)

Chesapeake Social Services

We’re working to make a difference in the life of orphans locally and around the world. No child should be without a family. We encourage owners and attenders to get involved in a big way so no child in Hampton Roads is without someone who loves and cares for them. If you want to be involved – there are a lot of ways that you can help. Find out more!

We launched a Community Church Campus in partnership with the God Behind Bars organization inside a local prison facility. One community at a time, one person at a time, we’re changing lives that impact the world. Find out more!

Feed the Homeless

We go out to local shelters and invest time, feeding the homeless, and talking to them about Jesus. In addition to spending time in the shelters, we donated over $2,500 for additional support.

Through the Serve the City program, we sent 108 volunteers who worked more than 700 hours on 18 different projects to redevelop communities in the City of Chesapeake.

Backpacks for kids

Over 700 Hampton Roads children received backpacks full of school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

Thanksgiving Meals

One hundred seventy-six volunteers showed up at Community Church campuses in Western Branch and in Kempsville to distribute Thanksgiving meals to over 700 Hampton Roads families in 2015!

Starting back in October 2015, we began collecting need information from the community. Individuals and community groups within the church got together to fill boxes for the needs of those families. This morning, starting at 7:30am, those boxes came pouring into Community Church campuses from all over Hampton Roads, filled with turkeys, stuffing, pies, and all Thanksgiving fixings. At 10:00am, those boxes started leaving the campuses either picked up by the families in need or delivered to homes who have no transportation by volunteers from the church. By noon, all of the boxes had homes, and over 700 families have what they need for Thanksgiving meals!

Need Help or Want to Help?


If you need help or want more information on how you can help